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Welcome to the team.  The Madden Group is a full-service firm supporting health and well-being professionals to build, evolve, and refine your vision of health in preparation for corporate opportunities.  We are a team of creatives + health care professionals.  We are passionate about our work - Our work in helping you to build the foundation for successful ventures to come.  We are here to support you - To rethink, to brainstorm, and to strategize best methods for optimizing your unique vision.  


Brand Creation

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design

Marketing Strategy

Social Media MGMT

Promotion Material Design

Communication Strategy

Engagement Planning

Content Design


Health Program Design

Engagement Strategy

Communication Planning

Wellness Program Planning

Reporting & Analytics Development

Promotion Strategy

Health Content Dev

Corporate Wellness Strategy


Marketing Strategy

Sales Strategy Dev

Success Story Dev

Sales Pipeline Build Support

Deal Negotiation

Contract Execution

Legal & Compliance

Vendor Integration

Client Implementation

Operations Dev

Why we are best to support you:
  • Over 15 years of building, evolving, refining, and managing health & well-being offerings

  • 10+ years of developing engaging and successful population health well-being programs

  • 10+ years of client & operations management rooted in the healthcare & well-being industry

  • Certified experts in Corporate Wellness Strategy

  • The team at The Madden Group ARE health coaches.  We get you.

  • We are visionaries - Health experts with backgrounds in the creative space.  Imagine that!