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Candace C. Madden
CEO, President

Candace has served the health & well-being industry for over 15 years, beginning her career with a true foundation in health - Helping individuals to achieve greater well-being.  What began as a career in Exercise Physiology, quickly transformed into a dynamic and diverse career in healthcare, particularly in the Employer/Managed Care wellness services market.  Candace has had the pleasure of serving in leadership roles of Client Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing.  Combine this with a background in the Arts & Design, and you have the birth of The Madden Group, a firm devoted to the evolution and refinement of new and upcoming health and well-being services.


Candace holds a Bachelor's of Science in Art History and Design, as well as a Masters of Arts in Physiology from Columbia University.  Certifications have included Certified Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise, and Corporate Well-being Coordinator from The Spencer Institute.  Candace has worked closely with thousands of organizations in support of their corporate health strategy, working to bring the best experience and health solutions to employee populations of all industries, sizes, and demographics.